fully customizable discord ticket bot


Customize your bot's icon, messages, embed colors, ticket category, and much more!

Reaction Tickets

Reaction tickets make it easy for users to create a ticket with just a click of a button!

Ticket Questions

When creating a ticket users are prompted with questions before getting into the discussion.

html transcripts

After a ticket is closed a full html transcript of the discussion is sent to the user.

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Featured Reviews

"Great service, helpful if you need anything, the bot works well too. You can start it with npm in around 20 seconds."

V011D from mc-market.org

"The bot itself is phenomenal. I am using it in my client discord for my setup company and it's doing everything I need it to. Great work, and I would recommend this to anyone who needs a good ticket bot."

Kyus from mc-market.org

"That's a great bot, it has all the features what I imagined. And owner is very helpful. I give 5 stars."

PanScoobiik from mc-market.org

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